Lottery Syndicates Do They Really Work?

We’re all pretty clear on the upside of being a member in a lottery syndicate, whether it’s an informal one at work or joining an online lottery syndicate. The more people in the syndicate the greater the chances of winning either the jackpot prize or one of the smaller cash prizes which feature in most lotteries.

But what about any downside to lottery syndicates – is there one?
The only real downside to being part of a lottery syndicate is the simple fact that if one of the tickets purchase by the syndicate wins – the winnings will have to be divided up between all lottery syndicate members.

So, the worst case result is that the amount you win is not sufficient to retire from your job or change your life significantly overnight. Instead of booking that world cruise or buying yourself a mansion – you may have to settle for a new car or the latest TV technology, which in itself wouldn’t be that bad – would it?

The most common problem is when the lottery syndicate has not been properly formed, and this is the case with many informal work-related syndicates. Everything seems fine and everybody pays up their cash each week – but the problem arises when there is a big win and the person in charge of buying the tickets decides they don’t want to share. There have been numerous stories of such occasions in the media and the ensuing legal actions brought as a result.

Tip: the best way to avoid this is to join a recognized and regulated lottery syndicate such as those operated by DTD European Services LTD for the EuroMillions lottery.

Are there more pros than cons to lottery syndicates?
The short answer is - yes. Overall, the increased chances of winning far outweigh any potential downside associated with laying the lottery as a member of a syndicate, especially if you join a reputable online syndicate which provides certain guarantees regarding how winnings are dealt with and how your account is handled.

To get the best value for your money, sign up to a reputable online lottery syndicate. Determine how much you want to spend on each draw period and set up a direct debit for that amount to avoid the possibility of missing out on a winning ticket.

Playing the lottery as part of a syndicate makes sure that:

  • Your chances of winning are significantly greater than playing on your own.
  • Your chances of winning more often are far greater.
  • The potential for lottery fraud as in the case of syndicate members who won’t share winnings is eliminated.
  • The cost of purchasing the necessary tickets is equally shared among all syndicate members.


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