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7 Types of Bets on Sports Betting Using M88 I Phone

Lately, sports have become a way to earn entertain as well as make money. For most people our phones act as a lifeline. An iphone is an amazing device that you can use to place a bet in the comfort of your home through a bookmarker or internet outlets. M88 iphone is an online betting site that provides a list of sports that customers can choose from, ranging from football, baseball, basketball e.t.c. It also allows you access to the best markets and while waiting for your desired bet to fall through; you can also engage in live casino games available on this site. Listed below are some types of bets.

  1. Money line bets- Here one does not need to have spread. The elite team pays lower odds than the underdog. In short this means betting on the winning team.

  2. Spread Betting- Here a wager is made against a spread or a line. A number is assigned by a bookmarker that handicaps one team and favours another.

  3. Proposition bets-Here a wager is made on a particular outcome of the match.It includes predicting the number of goals each team scores in a matched betting. It depends on wether a player will score in a football game.Also, wagering that a player on one team will score more points than a player on the opposing team.

  4. Parleys-  These are multiple bets usually placed which rewards successful bettors with a large payout.

  5. Teasers-  Teasers allow the bettor to combine bets on two or more different games.Teasing in a football match is done by adding points to an underdog or subtracting points from a favourite.

  6. In-Play betting-It enables bettors to place new bets while a sporting event is in progress.

  7. A straight bet- This is the commonest form of betting made in football matches. When betting you must cover the spread. Your team has to get more points than the opposing team for you to win.

It is recommended to be knowledgeable with the betting lingo and to know what you are doing. Always remember that you are risking your money, so don't bet more than you have.



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